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How do foreign languages flow through your firm?
Many channels create the potential for many errors.  Why not let us have a look...

About Our Company

At Logiverbe, we manage the process. Whether you remain with your current supplier, or search for a more suitable vendor, our goal is to guide you through the translation process and help you understand the real issues of foreign language control. We provide monthly audits and reports to ensure that you are on the right track to controlling all the proper elements to ensure your success.

In many firms, foreign language vendor issues are an afterthought.  Often the process is viewed as a nusance with the emphasis on getting the content “out the door” at the cheapest price, on a given deadline with very little effort given to quality control or consistency with the original English content message. 

Managing The Process is Half the Battle

Many translation firms have staff with tons of experience. Just because they have a very qualified and experienced staff, it does not mean that they have the discipline to document the process and retain the consistent terminology necessary to proceed in a uniform fashion. At Logiverbe a leader for each language team is responsible for auditing.

Each translator has to have experience not only in translation, but the actual industry of the client at hand.

Who`s Driving

Who controls the translation service selection at your firm?  Is it Purchasing, Marketing, IT, Finance, Product Development, Manufacturing, Engineering, Packaging, Branding, or outside Ad Agencies, Web Design Firms, or all of the above?

It is Worth a Look

A monthly translation spot audit can provide you with a indication of where potential problems exist and how to correct them. In most cases, this is a better alternative than costly revisions later.  At Logiverbe, one of our many services is to help our clients conduct a workflow review to see how costs can be reduced and quality improved.