Logiverbe Inc.  Technical Knowledge Worldwide

Chinese - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Arabic - Russian - Japanese - Italian - German and more . . .

Logiverbe Products for Total Service

¨      Translation Services– Our Certified Professional Translators work closely with our clients to ensure accuracy.

¨      Creative writing (in multiple languages)  for Marketing, Human Resources, Union Negotiation       
        Guest and Traveler Programs, Food Services, Promotional Product and Trade Show Scripts and Support.)

¨      Legal Proofing– for Customer Contracts, Rules & Regulations, Policies & Procedures, Employee Compensation)

¨      Communications – (General, Bilingual Fulfillment Delivery Programs, Social Media, Mailing and Phone Support.)

¨      Technical Services – Layout of Packaging, Labels, Process control, GHS Forms, Manuals,  Illustrations, Video
        Subtitling and Voice-over, and Web Based Communication Media Creation and Editing.

¨      Financial Support– (Annual Reports, Investor Communication, 10-K and Shareholder Communications)

¨      Pharmaceuticals Terminology Support – Our staff has detailed  knowledge of both biomedical physical and
        biochemical structures, including but not limited to, Expandable mesh insertable products, Monoamine oxidase
        inhibitors and biomedical laser delivery systems.

-      Engineering and Architectural Support  – Our engineering support team has detailed  knowledge of most
        elements involving products relating to products for construction of bricks and mortar design elements, including
        Lighting technology, Hydronics, Tensile Strength Stress Factors, Load Elements, Hydraulics and Roofing
        Structure Materials and Design Considerations.

-      Chemical Manufacturing and Safety Issues – We understand chemical terminology, Safety Labels, Process
        control, GHS Documentation and coding, Hazardous Waste Requirments, Employee Safety Regulations, Food
        Safety and Cross-contamination elements and their side effects.


Logiverbe Media Productions Meet The Highest Standards

We specialize in advanced printing, video, software and digital interactive technology, formatted by our engineers to meet the specific needs of the advertising, marketing, training and social media industry for more innovative and reliable customer communications, entertainment and information media.

Logiverbe can also provide personnel to work on-site at our customer’s location in order to meet specific needs.  

Toronto Office

Our Toronto Office is centrally located in North America and can provide support for both North and South American Markets which highlights our excellent staff of English, French, Spanish and Portuguese (for Brazil) speaking communications professionals.

Beijing Office

Having grown up on a thorough understanding of Asia-Pacific Markets, our Beijing staff provides our clients with valuable support in Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Russian and Arabic.  We regularly rotate staff throught both locations to ensure a thorough understaning of both linguistice and cultural concerns.  This allows us to support our clients with a thorough understanding of all market and product elements.